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Leave It All Behind - 2018 single release

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This song "Leave It All Behind" contains original lyrics and composition written by Lang Holloman in July and August 2016. This song "White Sacred Veil" is Copyrighted 2016 to Lang Holloman, please contact for redistribution & use licensing.

Recorded 2018 at Anechoic Studios, Perdido Key, Florida. Eric King production engineer, mastering. Mixing by Eric King & Lang Holloman. -

Lang Holloman - Lyrics, Composition, Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Slide Guitar, Lead Guitars, Bass.
Thomas Spohn - Drums

Production recording, mixing, and mastering on Presonus StudioLive board, Studio One, Slate Digital mics & software, Shure mics, Gretch guitars, Fender P-Bass, Fender American Stratocastor, Lang 335 guitar, Alvarez Acoustic, Orange OR15 amp, Orange cabinets, and Gretch drums.