influences - The Jericho Road Show  

The Jericho Road Show, with the core of the band being Rambling Steve Gardner and Bill Steber, has been a tremendous influence for quite some time. Getting to spend some time in 'the Road Show', with them in years past, has been a true blessing in honing not just the musical form, but the craft of songs and of telling down right leg pulling stories of the South. They have a lifetime history of preserving music of the South, and more importantly of Mississippi. Here's a great video of Rambling Steve Gardner from their most recent 'Americana of Mississippi' tour:
Some of the great musicians that have been and/or a part of the Jericho Road Show are: Washboard Chaz, Libby Rae, Luther Dickenson, Brandon Armstrong, Hisa Nakase, Bill Benfield, Cody Ruth, Wes Lee, Samm Bennett, and many more. Although Mississippi is where they call home, their spread in performing ranges throughout all of the South, reaching all the way around the globe to Japan...I hope I get to make that trip to Japan one day, fingers crossed and keeping the elbow grease grinding.

Back in, I believe the summer of 2011, I played a my mighty fine NATIONAL TRI-CONE Resonator in The Jericho Road Show line-up on an NPR radio show "The Blue Plate Special" with host Greg Guzman. The podcast below is from the show. Check it out below and...don't forget to check out the songs from my new album "Soul Bells" at the links up on the main menu above!!

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